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            222    2010/5/24
          ””””Dongtai Liangyou Machinery Co., Ltd. headquarters is located in the Yellow Sea in Jiangsu Province, Dongtai City Road, Fu An Zone 99 m #.
          ””””The company has modern standard workshop and excellent processing equipment. Consists of: bulk material handling research and development centers, ”­”­
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          Iron and steel dust conveying system
          Belt Conveyor
          Air delivery, pelletizing , packaging control operation panel
          Collection system
          Complete Rice Mill Project
          Flour Milling System
          Granulation system
          GSS series scraper conveyor
          GLS pipe chain conveyor
          TGSU series of self-cleaning scraper machine
          HS Series Conveyor
          MS series enmasse conveyor
          FU Series chain conveyor
          MX series of scraper conveyor
          TZD Series bucket elevator for silo
          TD series bucket elevator
          TDTG series bucket elevator
          X-TGD rope bucket elevator
          TB-NE series plate link chain bucket elevator
          NSE high-speed elevator
          TH series of bucket elevator
          DS -type continuous bucket conveyor
          Single spindle humidifier DSZ
          S Series Butterfly Valve
          K series vibration coal feeder
          Roller Conveyor
          Spring lose powder machine
          WLS -type screw conveyor shaft
          LC -type vertical screw conveyor
          LSY Screw Conveyor
          Flexible screw conveyor
          TWLL (SWLL) series spiral feeder
          DY Mobile Conveyor Belt
          Tubular belt conveyor
          Closed leather belt
          HUS -series mobile conveyor
          GGT series of totally enclosed environment of high roller conveyor
          QS air-cushion conveyor
          CXC -type screw feeder weighing
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          Tel: +86-515-85409979 ””Fax:+86-515-85733556 ””Mobile: +86£­18651766863 E-mail:dtlyjx@aliyun.com.cn
          Contact: Contact: Mr.Gu Address:No.99 Mishi Road,Fu An Development District, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province
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